Cameraless Photography Exhibition

Cameraless Photography Exhibition 2015

Photography without cameras

– at the Photography Centre in CPH

At this exhibition you’re going to experience different methods of photography done the old fashioned way. The good old classic camera that you’re oh so use to, is set aside for both old and new ways to create photos.

Digitally made computer pictures, pictures taken with a pinhole camera and even pictures made with emulsion light-sensitive paper.

The idea of ​​the exhibition is to see the photograph in an enlarged, experimental perspective, where the photography not only relates to the material, but the whole image perception. The exhibition examines the idea behind the photographic image and when the image can be said to represent reality. An experiment by the Photographic Centre –  “What is the essence of photography? What is special about the camera-based media?”

The works of seven Danish artists from different generations and genres of photography: Marianne Engberg, Mads Gamdrup, Nanna Lysholt Hansen, Nicolai Howalt, Rikke Ehlers Nilsson, Myne Søe-Pedersen and late Eli Ponsaing.

Exhibition dates: 28th March – 25 May 2015

Address: Fotografisk Center, Bygning 55, Staldgade 16, 1699 Copenhagen V

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday: 11-17  & Saturday – Sunday: 12-16

Price: 25 kr

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