Thorvaldsens Ganymedes sculpture


History of Danish Art 

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Danish Art has evolved and developed itself all the way since the Vikings and through to the Nordic Bronze Age, Norse and Viking art, medieval church frescos and the Renaissance. It has been influenced by all of its surrounding neighbours and even further a field as far as France and Italy. Danish Art encompasses painting, sculpture, architecture, furniture design and jewellery design. They have also given us many talented artists and designers such as:

  • Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg also known as the Father of Danish painting and some of his works can be seen at the National Art Gallery in Copenhagen which is a worth while place to visit and if you can catch the first Sunday of the month there is Sundays for Kids day. The National Art Gallery gives you both the traditional and modern experience gracefully intertwined with a park to explore afterwards which is currently under renovation (update: renovations have finished and all looks amazing).
  • Bertel Thorvaldsen sculptor extraordinaire, who has the Thorvaldsen Museum dedicated solely to him and is a must see to behold those beautiful white statues that grace the halls and all the surrounding spaces. The museum isn’t far from all things central  and is actually situated a couple of minutes walk from the Danish Parliament.
  • Jens Galschiøt is a sculptor who creates modern day social sculptures. His work has reached far and wide in countries such as Hong Kong, Mexico and Brazil, however one of his most famous pieces was showcased at the climate summit held in Copenhagen 2009. The aptly named sculpture “The Survival of the Fattest” was placed in the harbour not far from the famous Little Mermaid.
  • Per Kirkeby is a painter, poet, sculptor and film maker. You can see his works all over the world – Tate Gallery in London, The Met and MoMA in New York and Pompidou Centre in Paris. In Copenhagen you can experience his works – the fresco at the Black Diamond (Danish National Library), the dome at the Geological Museum and a bronze sculptor at the Opera House.

Denmark has given us artists and designers that have enriched and beautified our lives. This is something that hasn’t stopped and we are lucky to be introduced and still experience the art that is Danish Contemporary Art.

September 2014

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