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This blog and this site, ArtsDK, have come about because of the love I have for all art forms out there in this world. I decided to create this site because I live in a country that is diverse, complicated and sometimes downright hard to understand – however Denmark has the ability to spawn and give birth to creativity that is insurmountable.

I live every day surrounded and enveloped by the arts that are so readily available to the lucky few who get to live here. The motivation is to share this creative imagination with the rest of the world.

On my ArtsDK Blog I write what I write and do what I do – and if you are wondering why, check out my art, on Behance:

This collection of pictures, paintings and photography show my inspiration for the last 20+ years.

It also shows my thought processes and a tiny bit of what makes me AmandaLdaCosta.

I actually started out in life dreaming of being an architect, and soon found out that mathematics was important part to becoming one – dag nam it, so life meandered for a while and my art was just something that I did when I was bored or emotional.

As I reached my teens the question of what I wanted to be was something that my surroundings were forcing me to answer. So with that in mind I did what “most” teenagers do and rebelled.

I travelled and avoided the burning questions of adulthood while doing a really good job at ignoring everything else at the same time, and generally had a lot fun and let myself get into a whole load of trouble, so much so that I learned a good life lesson – troubleshooting myself out of all that trouble that I got myself into.

So life kept on meandering and in my twenties I discovered that my life meant expressing myself through art and I discovered photography. With a brief stint in college I came out with renewed motivation and my love for architecture seeped into my photography – so up yours you mathematical genii.

This motivation lasted for a while but yet again those burning questions of adulthood came back to haunt me and I again decided to travel.

Lets say that life has meandered for a long while now and taken a few expected and unexpected detours which in turn have given me the greatest joy of my life – my son.

The meandering I can feel is taking me back to art – and I like that, and I actually think I’m ready for it again.

That person, you see in my portfolio and here on my ArtsDK Blog, has changed and has evolved in all things, sometimes not for the good but the point to evolving is going forward – that’s something that I always keep in mind.

My past has been good or bad depending on where one lands in it and every now and then it was both, however it doesn’t mean it should affect my future. I keep the memories where they should be – in the past, and in the here and now going forward is the key.

So my art is beginning – yes yes say it with me – again, and doing what I’m doing on my ArtsDK Blog is helping me meander back to that dream which has changed and has evolved.

It isn’t the original version anymore but soon it will be the version that I want it to finally be.

Arts Blog, August 2014

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