Scandinavian Trends – DK

What’s trending in Scandinavian homes? Sun can be a scarce commodity in Scandinavia, and to be sure that we keep a stiff upper lip about the whole thing – we don’t measure how much sunshine in days – but see the measurement of hours as more positive measurement, so that said, we, here in DK, have […]

3 Mistakes that Make You Look Like an Unseasoned Tourist in DK Arts

DK Tourist Guide – for the Seasoned Traveller So you’ve arrived, you’re über excited to have finally landed in Denmark after so much time and planning that you can’t wait to get out that camera and start shooting and sharing all the hot spots which you have longed to see – but, wait  – what’s happened […]

Top 20% Most Popular Tripadvisor Reviewer in Copenhagen

Top Tripadvisor Reviewer I recently received an email from Tripadvisor congratulating me on being in the top 20% of the most popular Tripadvisor reviewers in Copenhagen. Yes ,yes I thought – that’s what I want to hear. I was astonished and pleasantly surprised by the email as I’m a prolific Tripadvisor reviewer. I do what I […]

The latest infographic swimming around in DK socials

Infographic – Danish map for foreigners This infographic appeared on Go’ Morgen P3’s Facebook page (Good Morning P3 is a Danish radio show on National radio). It really shows how the Danes can make fun of themselves, however be careful in doing so as the comments show. What is an infographic? – you ask. Well […]