The Vale of Years surrounded by the Sands of Time

Is it on my side?

It’s been a long time since my last blogpost and I have to admit, far too many things have gotten in the way – work, family, dog, housework, cleaning, commuting and the list goes on and on. All are important and all are dear to my heart and my peace of mind. But really – how much time do we spend or waste doing the this and that’s of life?

So this got me thinking about time.

Personally the definition of time is longwinded and a bit of a mouthful to say the least, and only serves to put forth more questions to its meaning. Who had the audacity to define time? Who had the courage to put the words together to create its definition? If we are to believe that it’s the correct definition of time – then – who are we to question its definition?

We live in a world where it’s dangerous to question definitions. So we acknowledge and concede that we are bound by this definition of time and forced to live in its current boundaries.

I actually had enough of this precious commodity that I recently watched the Luc Besson movie “Lucy“. If we are to discuss film as an art form – well for me what Luc Besson creates comes pretty darn close. If I may be permitted to gush about this brilliant director, writer and producer – then I have to say I was lucky enough to discover the beauty of his movies for the first when I watched “The Big Blue” and what a wonderful introduction it was to Besson movies. Followed by “Nikita“, “Léon“, “The Fifth Element“, “Kiss of the Dragon” and “Transporter” – yes yes I have absolutely no shame and I openly admit to liking these movies along with “Bandidas” and “Hitman” – my shamelessness has no boundaries, “Taken 1, 2 & 3” and “3 Days to Kill“. Still to see is “Colombiana” so the jury is out on that for the moment. To get back to “Lucy” and the message I took away from the movie, wasn’t that mankind should measure itself on its next acquisition, its next pay check, its next something or other. It should measure itself on time.

If we think about time by how fast it goes by now – as we see it, to how fast it went by as a child – you could say that our perception of time has a lot to answer for. As a child I sat and waited for time to go by as quickly as it possibly could – when would this class be over, how long til the weekend, is it me or is this parent/teacher scolding taking forever, when am I old enough to do this and then to do that – and the list goes on and on. As children we were always leaping from one moment to the next – not having patience to wait. Hurry. Hurrying. Forward. Always forward.

And now, as adults things flash and fly by like on speed dial – milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years go by – what do I have to show for it, I thought to myself. And the only thing that comes to my mind in the speed of light – my boy. That’s what I have to show for all this time that has gone by. Thank the powers that be that my time here on this earth hasn’t been wasted.

And that takes me to the second and last message I took away with me from watching Luc Besson’s “Lucy” – cells do two things. If the environment it finds itself in is hostile – cells immortalized and when the environment is just right – they reproduce. And in my reproduction I am passing down all that I’ve learned thereby immortalizing myself in time – is this evolution or just instinct?

You pay the price of defining time – sometimes it’s a high price to pay but every now and then it’s just right, and with this said I love that song – Time is on my side, yes it is by The Rolling Stones. I’ve sung it as a mantra time and time again to myself to keep me grounded and bound to the here and now. I see it as a way to remind me that my life doesn’t have to be on fast forward all the time. To cherish and savour the small pockets of time that really mean something and should be appreciated for what they really are – precious. My son’s smile, every single breath that he takes as a miracle that he’s here with me – a miracle of the ultimate power of reproduction, the look of unconditional love in his eyes as he looks at me while I look back at him and think how lucky I am that I get to share my time with him, the moment when my husband makes me laugh so much that I cry actual happy tears (yes they do exist and aren’t an (surb)urban myth) and when things are so bad that I think I will never climb out to the light ever again but I do and I realize that those hard times only serve to make the good times even more precious. I take and make the time to make my son giggle or listen to his amazing stories / ideas / what I did today dialogue so that it out weighs the times that I hurried things along out of stress by using the authority of parenting or simply having a big huge melt down. I take and make the time to make my husband a cup of coffee even though I’m busy with other things because it out weighs the times that I didn’t show him that he means something more to me than a wallet who pays the bills or a car washer or my own personal lawnmower man.

It’s your definition and your price to pay – you decide on how much or how little. It’s you and only you that can make that call.

Believe the cliches, believe the silly hallmark quotes and take the time to smell those roses because time will inevitably move forth no matter how many times we think that we have it on our side. Don’t let the sands run out and regret that you didn’t grab that moment when you had the chance.

The time is now and never tomorrow!

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