3 Mistakes that Make You Look Like an Unseasoned Tourist in DK Arts

DK Tourist Guide

– for the Seasoned Traveller

So you’ve arrived, you’re über excited to have finally landed in Denmark after so much time and planning that you can’t wait to get out that camera and start shooting and sharing all the hot spots which you have longed to see – but, wait  – what’s happened to that suave, cool, calm and collected individual that you usually are when you are surrounded by all that is known to you in your native abode.

Are you going to simply leave it behind at the arrivals gate or are you going to carry it like the mantle of the seasoned traveller, and may I go as far as saying – explorer that you are?  Of course you’re not a blubbering-camera-wielding-tourist, and I am here to help you in the endeavours of keeping the suave in your travels.

1. Beware of visiting the Little Mermaid at Langelinie in Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid

Yes, this is a beautiful bronze sculpture made by the artist, Edvard Eriksen, in 1913 depicting the same said character from the H. C. Andersen’s fairy tale, however like so many other tourist attractions it is overexposed and many forget that the sculpture isn’t really that large (1.25 m tall and that doesn’t include the boulder it’s sitting on) and ultimately you will be disappointed and a little miffed that you trudged all the way to Langelinie and then stood with a 20-30 other tourists to see it. Well if you decide to be one of those 30 odd then at least you can console yourself with some outlet shopping which is just around the corner from where you are standing.

2. Don’t take pictures of sculptures that to you look like certain body parts

The Darning Needle Sculpture in Odense
The Darning Needle Sculpture in Odense

No, it isn’t what you think. You might be lulled into thinking something completely untoward as your eyes deceive you, however you are irrevocably mistaken. So for those out there that have an overactive, vivid and fanciful imagination this work of art depicts a pin (Bornholmian black granite) and needle (Swedish red granite). And it’s a sculpture by the recently passed away artist, Frede Troelsen, this wonderful piece of art was inspired by the H C Andersen‘s fairytale “The Darning Needle“, and the sculpture is situated in Odense’s pedestrian shopping street on the corner of Vestergade / Smedestræde.

3. Official tours – the bane of tourism

Maybe, you’ve thought of visiting a few choice museums and DK has many amazing such establishments to offer, and they do have a high selection of recognised artists on display. But how about the raw, the innovative, the edgy, the unconventional and the here and now? What about those artists that don’t conform and fit into an establishments little square box? As Dirty Harry once said “You’ve got to ask yourself a question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya punk?” Of course you do, you deigned to read this fine script on being the best seasoned traveller that you can be in DK. So I say to you, my dear traveller and explorer, there’s a simple solution and it’s called Rørholmsgade. This is an Art street, a whole street filled with art galleries of – dare I say it – real artists. They are alive and live in the world of today and certainly not in the yester years. This is a pulsating heart of Art in DK, and it’s filled with watercolour, acrylic and oil paintings, jewellery, sculptures and ceramics – this street gives you an unique experience of all art and crafts forms.

Now that you’ve been warned and are prepared for a your art excursions into the exhilarating world of Art, Design and Jewellery in DK – I leave you one last tidbit. If you are looking for something like everything else then do the traditional tours of the museums, boat ride and attractions that Denmark has to offer because they are wonderful, however if you are looking for something that is jaw dropping and goose bump inspiring- well then put on your walking shoes and aimlessly explore the cities, the towns and their streets because that is where you will find the treasures that make your trip worthwhile.

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