Hello world! – my first post

This is my first post!

Well it actually isn’t my first post because once upon a time there was thing called MySpace and on there I posted my ever first blogs.

Here is the first ever on MySpace:

My first blog post
My first blog post

And this was the second attempt on MySpace:

My first blog post
My second blog post

The third attempt on MySpace:

My first blog post
My third blog post

You can actually replace the word “MySpace” and put other social media site names. This has pretty much happened to me on other networks I’ve signed up for and I still ponder the why’s and what’s of the situation but only occasionally – brooding isn’t my thing any more. I put it down to the fact that even someone as stubborn as I am indeed can evolve and become a slightly better version of the person I once was. Inexplicable things happen even in the vw (virtual world) that we live in. Unfortunately not even here can Google help to find you the answers.

I did try a few other times after the stop/start versions from MySpace on another site which some of you might be familiar with – not all struggle with certain problems that can lead you to sign up to be a member of MyFitnessPal and for those who aren’t members, congrats and I do not hate you.

MyFitnessPal inspirational photo and my blogs
MyFitnessPal inspirational photo and my blogs

So as first attempts go, I think I did ok not “most excellent” but they are a reasonable read and if anything good for a laugh. If there’s one thing blogging should do and that is to entertain or simply annoy you so much that you react and reaction is the operative word. ACT or REACT.

If I have any advice to give out to those virgin bloggers out there like myself – go for it don’t hold back because blogging is suppose to be about you and if people don’t like “you”, well the solution is easy. THEY DON’T NEED TO READ IT.

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